#1 – Who is Qruise?

Who is Qruise? Machine Learning represents a profound metamorphosis in every facet of society, with the potential to make a transformative impact on scientific research and development. One must anticipate an imminent surge in Machine Learning applications; a decision now must be made – leverage this tidal wave of technology as a

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#2 – Why Qruise?

Why Qruise? The Qruise ML Physicist is a unique combination of highly advanced numeric algorithms, dealing with differential equation integration, optimization and more. The first step is to create an initial digital twin of the physical device. The Qruise digital twin is the most sophisticated and detailed simulation available for the underlying

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#4 – Qilimanjaro’s Phase Transition

Qilimanjaro’s Phase Transition The first half of 2023 has swiftly passed, and with the summer holidays now behind us, the year at Qilimanjaro is unfolding as a period of transformative change—an exciting new phase is emerging. To beggin with, a significant shift in management has taken place. Victor Canivell, their former CEO

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#5 – HQS: Paving the way to predict NMR spectra with NISQ devices

Paving the way to predict NMR spectra with NISQ devices HQS unlocks the potential of quantum technology for today‘s industry by providing software applications for exploring systems at the quantum level. Controlling noise is the essential ingredient to unlock the power of near-term quantum computers and showcase their promising applications. One of

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#7 – XeedQ’s XQ1: Bridging Quantum Dreams to Tomorrow’s Realities

XeedQ’s XQ1: Bridging Quantum Dreams to Tomorrow’s Realities. In April 2023, XeedQ installed the XQ1i, their groundbreaking 4-qubit quantum system, and in doing so, achieved a pivotal milestone in the realm of practical quantum computing. Installed at Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), this collaboration with the Quantum Computing Initiative

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Words from Wiley Industry News

Get your tickets for the QBN Quantum Industry Summit now! 22.08.2023 – QBN Quantum Industry Summit is the main conference taking place in parallel to the Quantum Effects exhibition, both at Messe Stuttgart, 10 – 11. October 2023. This premier international business and tech conference alongside Quantum Effects will bring together over

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Words from The Quantum Insider

The Quantum Insider Serves as Media Partner for QBN Quantum Industry Summit Stuttgart, Germany – The Quantum Insider is thrilled to serve as a media partner for the QBN Quantum Industry Summit, taking place during the Quantum Effects exhibition on October 10-11, 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany. As a media partner, The Quantum

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