Unveiling the Future of Medical Imaging: Experience the Quantum Leap with NVision

NVision, an Ulm-based quantum technology company, is leveraging advances in quantum sensing to unlock the full potential of MRIs – turning them into powerful metabolic imagers at scale.

The company has developed a technology platform that works in conjunction with standard MRI, allowing convenient, robust, and fast pathway-specific interrogation of dynamic metabolic and physiologic processes, offering clinical insights for precision medicine that currently are not possible through imaging or other traditional diagnostic modalities.

“POLARIS”, the company’s hyperpolarization device, will leverage spin control mechanisms to amplify the signal of natural metabolites (e.g. pyruvate) by >10,000 times. The enhanced metabolite will be injected into the patient’s body, where it will quickly distribute and metabolize. Using POLARIS, regular MRIs will be able to visualize and quantify metabolism on a pixel-by-pixel basis, opening a wide range of clinical applications. For example, POLARIS will enable clinicians to quickly determine which tumors are responding to systemic cancer therapies at the metabolic level, allowing non-responders to be moved onto another line of therapy in less than a week. Current solutions to this problem typically take months to determine treatment efficacy, can involve harmful radiation, and typically involve complex logistics. NVision’s innovation is poised to kick-start a revolution in care optimization with potentially better outcomes, less toxicity, and reduced costs.

NVision’s first commercial POLARIS systems will be available for preclinical research and delivered to customers from early 2024. Delivery of POLARIS for clinical use will begin in 2025.


Reach out at info@nvision-imaging.com to learn more about the revolution that’s redefining medical imaging.

Join NVision and witness the fusion of quantum technology and healthcare, where possibilities are limitless, insights are unparalleled, and the future is now.

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