Qilimanjaro's Phase Transition

The first half of 2023 has swiftly passed, and with the summer holidays now behind us, the year at Qilimanjaro is unfolding as a period of transformative change—an exciting new phase is emerging. To beggin with, a significant shift in management has taken place. Victor Canivell, their former CEO who guided the company thus far, has transitioned into the role of VP of Strategy. In his stead, Marta P Estarellas, a former leader of their Theory and Applications team, has assumed the company leadership. Alongside her, Albert Solana has ascended to the position of Chief Business Officer, and Qilimanjaro extends a warm welcome to Manel Martinez, the newly appointed Chief Technology Officer. All in all, the Qilimanjaro family is rapidly expanding, almost doubling their team compared to the previous year.

In their list of technical accomplishments, 2023 has already marked two significant milestones: the commencement of operations under the Quantum Spain Tender and the securing of an EIC Transition grant. The first announcement took center stage at the Mobile World Congress in
February 2023. The first groundbreaking milestone of this contract has already been achieved—granting access to a 5-qubit chip, the first quantum computer in Spain. This chip isalready empowering the Spanish HPC community, enabling them to execute quantum circuits
within an all-European quantum system. In March, Qilimanjaro was honored with the EIC Transition grant. This grant propels the RoCCQeT project—an endeavor aimed at bringing Analog Quantum Computers with our completely innovative architectural proposal designed to provide quantum value now. This ambitious initiative, backed by a substantial 2.5 million euros and spanning three years, marks the first step on Qilimanjaro’s innovation technology roadmap.


This year has also witnessed a series of fruitful partnerships. In February, the Catalan quantum startup forged a strong collaboration with Repsol and ICO Axis—a strategic alliance that has been backed and fortified by Grow Venture Partners to support Qilimanjaro on its journey. Additionally, they’ve been present in all major Quantum Computing and Technology events, from the renowned Mobile World Congress to the Quantum Matter conference. Our participation extended to a collaborative event hosted alongside their colleagues from QBN and the BSC in Barcelona, focusing on Quantum Computing and Applications. Their involvement also encompassed the Hello Tomorrow Fair, the HPCKP, the Future Trends Forum, and many more on the horizon, each of them exemplifying Qilimanjaro’s active engagement within the quantum ecosystem.

It is after the summer that Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech reflects on this first exciting half of a year that stands as a transition point for the company—a prologue to their expedition in mastering nature to advance humankind. During this period, the startup is delighted to be part of the QBN Quantum Industry Summit, and they seize this chance to extend an invitation to remain engaged as we approach 2024. In the upcoming year, the groundbreaking release of their Quantum as a Service awaits, granting users access to coherent quantum analog systems boasting the truly distinctive features of their chip architectures. Stay tuned for more updates and developments, and come to visit Qilimanjaro at the QBN Joint Booth @ Quantum Effects!

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