XeedQ's XQ1: Bridging Quantum Dreams to Tomorrow's Realities.

In April 2023, XeedQ installed the XQ1i, their groundbreaking 4-qubit quantum system, and in doing so, achieved a pivotal milestone in the realm of practical quantum computing. Installed at Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), this collaboration with the Quantum Computing Initiative (QCi) facilitates DLR’s direct engagement with their own quantum computing hardware at Innovationzentrum in Ulm.

This direct hardware access is monumental, empowering DLR to seamlessly integrate quantum computing capabilities in their quest to tackle the formidable challenges of a sustainable future. With the XQ1i in place, the boundaries of innovation and research are set to expand significantly.

But what truly sets the XQ1 apart? It’s a quantum marvel. A 4-qubit system made from Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond, it’s mobile, robust, room-temperature operable, and controllable even via a mobile-phone. Plus, the qubits aren’t just accessible – they interact, granting users the autonomy to tailor gates and direct hardware control. In a nutshell, it’s the epitome of an accessible, sustainable, and a practical quantum computer.

XeedQ begins with quantum hardware, aspiring to evolve as a trusted technology partner. The company has its sight set on catalyzing the broader quantum technology ecosystem’s evolution. By fostering market growth, nurturing networking engagements, and strengthening expertise in solid-state quantum computing, XeedQ is pivotal in the foundation for a vibrant and enduring quantum economy.

Democratize the Quantum future with XeedQ. Discover more at XeedQ’s official website: https://xeedq.com

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